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How to Make a Guitar Blog?

In an age where all can be accessed through the internet, music should also be shared. Music fuels the soul, and one of the best ways to make music is through the use of a guitar. If you’re a guitarist, there is no better way to make your music known to the world than making a guitar blog. So, if you’re just starting, here are 9 tips on how to make a guitar blog. It includes how you can host your blog and start your online journey.

Make it sincere. Starting a guitar blog with the intent to share music to the world is good. But, to share something, you should be at least knowledgeable about the subject. Be transparent, …

Acoustic: Toneful Attack Plans

The sound completely depends on the guitarist’s hands when it comes to an acoustic instrument. This involves many factors, most especially the attack. Here are some techniques to sharpen your acoustic tones.
The Thumb Strum
Making a warm sound using your thumb never gets old. Even the simplest raking motion gives a toastier sound as you move farther away from the bridge. You can use this for a dynamic effect when expressing sensitive passages or if you want to take advantage of the bright sound of the instrument. For plectrum players, its useful to curl up the fingers and free up the thumb for strumming.

Creating Inspired Heavy Metal Riffs

Every metal song should have an element of an awesome guitar riff. When you crank up the volume, it is usually not the solo that stands out that makes you want to crank that volume up. That’s why we whipped up this metal rhythm guitar guide to give you tips and insights as to how you can produce your own raging riffs.
Think about the ominous melody of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica; Hammet, the band’s guitar player, made use of an inspired moment to create a riff as a foundation to one of the most popular songs in heavy metal. The chugging sound made rise to roiling monsters bringing the sound of terror in the night.

What You Need To Know About Amp Upkeep And Maintenance

For a guitarist, it is always a special experience to plug in the guitar into an amp and hear the legendary sound break the silence right there in the fingertips. It is exciting to crank that volume up and get lost in the power to create harmonies like Stevie Ray Vaughn or monstrous riff like Metallica.
But if your tube amp is not delivering the best sound like it used to, here are some ways that you can take care of, maintain and prolong its life:

Don’t sell it …