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Guitar with You when You Travel

Why You Should Bring a Guitar with You when You Travel

Traveling for a vacation is always about seeing wonderful places, creating new experiences, and meeting new people. Whether you are traveling alone or as a part of a group of students in student performance tours, it is important to enjoy the travel while creating new memories at the same time. While traveling is an enjoyable activity, it can also be tiring and can take a toll on you physically. Therefore, it is a must for every traveler to find the time to rest and relax after taking any travel activity.
One way to relax is to bring a guitar with you during your travels. If you …


What to Wear On Stage – A Musician’s Guide

The outfit in which an artist puts on as he or she moves to the stage matters a lot. Most of the musicians are always in a dilemma of what to put on during their performance. Do they wear a custom t shirts with jeans, or what? Do you wear what you normally put on during your ordinary days or do you put in a specific costume for the stage performance? Choosing your clothing for the stage should reflect your personal brand.
The choice of costumes may be dictated by the style of your music and budget capable of supporting. Dressing up for the performance requires you to be appealing to your fans. A …


Popular Sites Where Musicians Can Share Their Talents And Even Find Love

The best platform for musicians to share their talents is through social media websites. It’s in social websites where many musicians end up connecting with their fans and loved ones. It is very hard for upcoming musicians to promote their talents without using social media platforms. After all, they can publicize their music through these websites since they are rarely invited to concerts by organizers. Unfortunately, some of these websites got banned but we have listed some other websites below. You can find more replacements here if you are really looking for a reliable …


Crafts: Making Your Own Strat With Colored Pencils

You can customize your Strat just like how YouTuber Burls Art did it with 1,200 colored pencils and documented the whole process.
He prepped up the box with wax and arranged the pencils together in it. Everything was bounded up with epoxy resin. He then carved out the shape for the instrument, the routing, hardware, the electronics for the guitar and pickups.
While at it, he sanded it off before painting it to give it a smooth and colorful glaze and feel. Since he used pencils, there were minor touch-ups along the way for the pencils that broke apart while carving it out. To finish it all off, he then sprayed…

Gain Staging The Amp: What You Need To Know

Usually used in professional audio recordings, gain staging balances the signal chain to achieve maximum headroom and minimal total harmonic distortions (THD). Knowing techniques to gain staging the guitar to get the right amount of breakup for your playing styles that fit well to the songs you play.
You don’t want to get just a clean sound. You also want to keep that character in your play style. Buzz-saw distortions can be found in a cranked pre-amp tube, but if you want the chunky full-bodied crunch, experiment with the pre-amp by adjusting the gain, drive or the volume combined.
With a vintage amp, you have to …

What You Need To Know About Amp Upkeep And Maintenance

For a guitarist, it is always a special experience to plug in the guitar into an amp and hear the legendary sound break the silence right there in the fingertips. It is exciting to crank that volume up and get lost in the power to create harmonies like Stevie Ray Vaughn or monstrous riff like Metallica.
But if your tube amp is not delivering the best sound like it used to, here are some ways that you can take care of, maintain and prolong its life:

Don’t sell it …

Different Shades Of Blue’s New Host Is Joe Bonamassa

The new weekly show on Sirius XM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville channel announced its new host, the Grammy-nominated blues artist Joe Bonamassa! The show will feature the artist and new emerging talents as well as the classics and modern blues songs that you love.
Bonamassa, thriving for more than 3 decades in the industry said in a press release
“I am really excited to launch my show on SiriusXM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville. Hosting and sharing music with people is one of my passions. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do, bringing this new show to you,”.
B.B. King himself discovered …