Guitar Brands on the Bottom 10

There is a lot to consider like this review when buying a guitar-the body, the type of strings (nylon or steel), the fret size and bars, and the aesthetics. If you are a nitpicky person or a newbie wanting to get only the best, this is the article for you!

Surely, you don’t want to invest money in poorly made guitars. There are several factors that are common in poorly made guitars—the materials used, the body structure, and the vibrations. Apparently, these 10 brands perfected the art of guitar imperfection.

  1. STAGG– If you haven’t heard of this brand, you’re lucky. NEVER, in any circumstances, buy guitars under this brand. Some may prefer using this for beginners—given its price and quality, but most feedbacks state that Stagg guitars are still awful. Also, it’s sad if you’re a beginner and you’ll start your guitar journey with a low-quality, constantly mistuning, and buzzing instrument… don’t you think?
  2. IBANEZ- The qualities of Ibanez guitars seem to be deteriorated more and more in each batch produce. This name is now no longer recommended by professional guitar players and instructors due to its bad quality and cheap pieces used.
  3. OVATION– Guitars under the brand Ovation are not that patronized because of bad feedbacks that points out its loose tuning pegs which makes it hard to play the instrument long enough without mistuning.
  4. ASHTON– Ashton guitars are infamous due to their lightweight housing—making their produced sound airier instead of being full.
  5. SWITCH– This guitar brand is hated mostly because of the issues with its bass. Once the bass strings are strummed, feedbacks can inevitably be heard.
  6. SPECTRUM– One unsatisfied customer claimed that Spectrum guitars can’t play without producing feedback. Feedbacks are one of the worst enemies an instrumentalist could have. It is also one of the factors a potential buyer should check beforehand.
  7. EPIPHONE– This brand is known by guitarists as a ‘Gibson Spin-off” because it can easily replicate tones of Gibson guitars. Issues on this brand include the low-quality tuning pegs. It is also not recommended for gigging and performances.
  8. ESSEX– One feedback stated that this is the worst brand ever he has ever tried. The common denominator of the hate comments is its bad sound production and its poorly-made housing. The materials used in a guitar’s housing directly affect the sound it produces.
  9. YAMAHA– This brand is famous due to its cheap price and “okay” quality. Through the years, this brand seemed to focus more on the profit they could get whilst ignoring their customers’ feedbacks.
  10. FIRST ACT– So far, this brand got the most hateful comments and bad feedbacks on the internet. This brand is quite infamous for its mastery in creating poorly made guitars. They supply toy guitars, too—which also got hate comments for being easily broken and for the ugly sound it produces. If they cannot make perfect guitar toys, then just imagine how worse it will be for their real guitar products.

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