6 Great Movies Every Guitarist Should Watch

Many people are now spending plenty of time using their computers for various reasons, like browsing, online shopping, film streaming or social interaction. Sometimes, doing these things seems to be boring, particularly if you are performing it habitually.

Not all of the time you can go shopping online or chat with your friends through various social media networks. Thus, there is something good that you can perform to relieve your boredom and that is to watch movies online.

Good news guitar lovers out there!

It’s high time for you to curl up and watch some rock ‘n’ roll films! Here’s a list of must-watch movies for wannabe ax like you:

  1. This is Spinal Tap

You’ll be going to miss half of your life if you won’t watch this movie. This 82-minute biopic is once hailed as one of the best comedy movies. It was able to convey different real-life aspects of musicians – from onstage misfortunes, complicated happenings in backstage corridors, etc.

Featuring Harry Shearer as well as Baron Haden-Guest, don’t forget to include this on your list.

  1. Crossroads

Are you up for film streaming this weekend? If that’s the case, Crossroads, a 1986 film narrating about a guitar player is a good way to kill your time. Starring Steve Vai, this jam-packed filled movie contains mind-blowing guitar duel and neo-classical shredding you will surely love.

  1. Sweet and Lowdown

The fictional docu-drama is all about an imaginary jazz musician named Emme Ray.  He is a popular womanizer, drinker and guitar player. Watch how Sean Penn showed off his talent through his signature.

  1. School of Rock

Want to have some fun? Start looking for “School of Rock”, a comedy movie which was directed by the famous Richard Linklater. Jack Black portrayed the role of a struggling guitarist known as Dewey Finn. In this film, he was kicked out of their band. Hence, he decided to disguise himself as a prep substitute teacher.

  1. The Blues Brother

Another laughter-filled film you may like is Blue Brother. Starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. It’s a story of recovery for an ex-convict Jake along with his brother who wants to save an orphanage. Watch and learn they will do that in the film.

  1. Wayne’s World 2

On the first sequel, Wayne’s World, the characters are offensive, raunchy and vulgar.  But with this, Garth Algar and Wayne Campbell met some nerd down the road.  Discover how the two of them attracted tons of babes and how it caused ruckus into their life.

Did your fave music film make it to the list? If not, that’s not a problem. Anyways, you can stream online anytime, anywhere these days.

Online movies become more exciting and thrilling in today’s generation, as there is a great number of websites that offer different film categories for their site visitors. Some of the movies that you can enjoy online are free. But if you are looking for the latest and high-quality movies, the only option is to pay for that movie. You can also download your preferred film so that you can watch it all over again if you think that the second time around will give you similar joy, the first time you saw it.

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