A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Buying the Right Turntable

A good old vinyl records collection won’t be complete without a turntable. A turntable is the vinyl disc record player, though they’re not of the same quality and value as ordinary record players still you can get a decent one from https://reddiamondaudio.net/turntables-under-500/. Think of it this way: record players are low-end while turntables are high-end.

If you’re an old soul, you’re surely going to love this article. When buying a turntable, there are 3S you might want to consider. They’re as follows:


The first quality you should be keeping an eye on is the sound quality of a turntable. Some cheap record players give off an untidy playback sound that is nasty both to the ear and the vinyl record itself.


When choosing the right turntable, find the one with great speed maneuverability. There are turntables available with 2-way speed systems. This way, you can control the needle’s caress on your vinyl record. Also, this will allow you to create your own musical ambiance.


More than just a record player, turntables are also considered valuable properties and home displays. The highest reviewed turntables on Amazon were the ones created with high technicality and superior design.

To guide you in buying turntables, here are the 5 best modern technology must-have features you should look out for:

Bluetooth & USB

Just in case you’re not up with the news yet, turntables are now available with a matching Bluetooth and USB device. This feature was first introduced in 2014 and gives the ease of playing unvinyled modern songs through your mobile phones or flash drives!


The first batch of waterproof turntables arrived in the market way back in 2017. While they have become a bit pricey than ordinary turntables, waterproof variants are considered of higher quality since they promote a product’s longevity. This feature is very important since even just a little amount of water may destroy the record player’s internal motors.


Having a classical music jam anytime, anywhere is definitely an excellent idea. Modern turntables are designed to have high maneuverability and portability. They often come in a case-like structure that is not only good for traveling but also keeps the product safe from being dusty and rusty.

Platter Design & Turntable Structure

Ideally, you want to choose a turntable that has a heavy platter design. Having a heavy platter design will help improve the sound quality the player produces since there is less vibration and spinning will just continue at the right speed rate.

For turntable structure, choose the one that complements any backdrop setting: be it a modern or typical home setup.

Internal Motors

To achieve high technicality and sound quality production, you want to look for a turntable that has a cleanly weighted tonearm gimbal system. Also, choose a turntable that utilizes its own belt drive. This will result in minimal effects of vibration that would help produce a clearer sound with no nasty feedbacks.


Vinyl record fans are desperately seeking for equipment with superior quality at an affordable price. By keeping this guide in mind, you’ll be able to find the one that will be a perfect fit for your records.

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