Best Anime Bands That Fans Love

Throughout the years, the popularity of anime has created several films and series that fans have followed and loved since the beginning. It has also created several characters that have been engraved consciously to the minds and hearts of millions of anime fans. Recently on 123MoviesHub, several anime shows have focused their attention on making storylines that are connected with music. These shows have also started incorporating fictional bands to the scene along with the best soundtracks, creating a new genre of anime shows that fans have all accepted and loved.

In this article, we list the best anime bands that were featured in all anime shows through the years. For all die-hard fans who love watching movies & anime shows online, the list below is dedicated to all of you.

Fire Bomber (From Macross 7)

In the Macross anime series, music was a major part of its overall storyline and production, but it was in the Macross 7 where the most creative and probably the most popular fictional band was created, the Fire Bomber. The band was the main star in the series lead by their lead vocalist and guitarist Neki, drummer Vefidas, keytarist Rey, and backup singer and bassist Mylene. In the series, the band encountered a new villain in the form of an alien whom they fight in combat together with all the crew of the Macross 7 fleet.

Beck (From Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

The band Beck starred in their own series of the same name and gained massive popularity because of its powerful storyline and great music. The story revolves around the main character Yukio and his introduction to the guitar and his overall adventure with life that comes with a lot of drama. Although the band has a number of original songs in their list, their popularity tremendously increased upon covering their own version of the popular Beatles song “I’ve Got a Feeling”.

Houkago Tea Time (From K-ON!)

This five-girl member fictional band was featured and formed during the story of the popular series ‘K-ON!’ It all started when the band’s drummer Ritsu acquired new members of the band after forcing her friend and the band’s bassist, Mio, to join the light music club. Recruited by Ritsu as new members of the Houkago Tea Time were keyboarder Tsumugi, rhythm guitarist Azusa, and guitarist Yui. The fictional band and its member characters were so popular that all their single was a hit and sold big in the anime music scene.

Black Stones (From NANA)

This band was featured in the popular series Nana in which the main character was also the lead vocalist. In the story, the band has a bitter rivalry with an up-and-coming band Trapnest where a former band member and Nana’s former lover Ren is a member. The fans were amazed at how the two band’s rivalries and romance storyline along with other dramatic moments were smoothly incorporated throughout the series.

The list above is just four of the best and popular fictional bands that have been produced by anime shows throughout the years. There are also other bands that are worth mentioning and are not included on the list that are also popular to all anime fans.

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