What to Wear On Stage – A Musician’s Guide

The outfit in which an artist puts on as he or she moves to the stage matters a lot. Most of the musicians are always in a dilemma of what to put on during their performance. Do they wear a custom t shirts with jeans, or what? Do you wear what you normally put on during your ordinary days or do you put in a specific costume for the stage performance? Choosing your clothing for the stage should reflect your personal brand.

The choice of costumes may be dictated by the style of your music and budget capable of supporting. Dressing up for the performance requires you to be appealing to your fans. A good dressing creates a good impression from the fans around.

Options that a Musician has on Clothes to Put on during Stage Performance

The following are the options that you have on what to put on during the performance:

Putting on the clothes you wear during ordinary days.

Wearing what you normally have in your wardrobe may be interesting especially when you are interested in upholding your personality. For instance, Bryan Adams is used to wearing his ordinary jeans and t-shirts during the performance. However, these outfits have to be enhanced with accessories.

Putting on specific costumes.

The clothes are dictated by the type of music you are performing. For instance, jazz musicians are known to wear suits during their stage performance. This helps in branding and marketing themselves to the public. Most bands have specific costumes that they put on stage. For example, the Devo band have their own customized costumes that they wear during the performance.

Enhancement by putting on accessories.

For those don’t want to put on their normal clothes or put on the customized outfit, accessories will be the best remedy in enhancing their looks. Enhancement accessories involve wearing bandanas, belts, sunglasses, wristbands, watches, scarfs, etc. Your image should also be enhanced with make-up, tattoos, or face paints.

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing, enhancement through accessories will be the best option to go for. Clothing for musicians sometimes become expensive, in case you want to have new things. The best thing is to upgrade your attire as you progress in your music career.

Factors to Consider when Deciding What to Wear during a Live Performance

The following are the factors to consider before choosing what to wear for your live performance:

Comfortability during the performance.

You should put on clothes that create comfort during performance. The performance will make you sweat a lot; hence, you need to put on an attire that will make you comfortable in front of your fans. Dark colors are known for hiding sweat better than pale colors.

Dress to match with your band.

The whole band should dress in similar attire to look appealing to the crowd. The members of the band should decide on the kind of attire to wear on.  Most bands prefer to look unique in similar costumes.

Match to your music style.

Different types of music have different styles of dressing. For instance, rock artists must put on a leather costume accompanied by classic boots.

These are some effective tips that you can follow especially when you’re new in the music scene. However, don’t worry too much. Clothing mostly comes with branding, so once you’ve already established an image, the type of clothes that you’re going to buy and wear follows.

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