Popular Sites Where Musicians Can Share Their Talents And Even Find Love

The best platform for musicians to share their talents is through social media websites. It’s in social websites where many musicians end up connecting with their fans and loved ones. It is very hard for upcoming musicians to promote their talents without using social media platforms. After all, they can publicize their music through these websites since they are rarely invited to concerts by organizers. Unfortunately, some of these websites got banned but we have listed some other websites below. You can find more replacements here if you are really looking for a reliable one.

With social media websites, musicians can engage with their fans and even expand the number of fans they have.

The following are the websites used by musicians to advertise and market their talents and to find love online:


Facebook is a social media platform used by musicians to make their music go viral. The Facebook page feature enables artists to promote their works. Facebook has more than 1.74 Facebook users in the world. The figure is increasing yearly as the number of mobile phone users is also on the rise. Opening a Facebook account is very easy. It’s also free of charge. Hence, more people have created accounts there. Due to this fact, many musicians are finding love online, too, due to the large number of users on the platform.


Novice musicians prefer using the Reverbnation social media platform. This site is used to link upcoming artists with other popular artists, popular producers and sponsors. the Reverbnation is designed to allow artists to create their ideal tags and select an appropriate category. From here, their audience can engage with them on several issues.


The Soundcloud website is used by the majority of artists including musicians. The social media site is designed to allow musicians to upload music videos and share them to fans. Soundcloud connects friends, fans and relatives, so it’s the perfect platform for musicians to get known.


The Bandcamp is a social media platform designed to enable musicians to upload their music albums. It’s customized in such a way that it allows musicians to share their albums either for free or at a fee. The site allows artists to even interact with their fans online.


Twitter has an added feature known as Twiturn that is of much assistance to musicians. ­The feature enables musicians to upload their music on their account’s profile page. From here, friends and fans are able to download or stream the music online. According to Jack Dorsey, a chief executive officer, Twitter has more than 326 million users every month. With this data, it’s no doubt that Twitter can help in expanding musicians’ audience online. Opening a Twitter account is very easy, and it’s also free of charge to everyone.

The importance of using these websites is that you will be able to convince users to share your music to others. You will also be able to have a positive engagement with them and even know where to improve. This is the fact behind the majority of the artists having active accounts on social media platforms. Most of them have acknowledged finding love on these platforms too.

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