Different Shades Of Blue’s New Host Is Joe Bonamassa

The new weekly show on Sirius XM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville channel announced its new host, the Grammy-nominated blues artist Joe Bonamassa! The show will feature the artist and new emerging talents as well as the classics and modern blues songs that you love.

Bonamassa, thriving for more than 3 decades in the industry said in a press release

“I am really excited to launch my show on SiriusXM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville. Hosting and sharing music with people is one of my passions. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do, bringing this new show to you,”.

B.B. King himself discovered Bonamassa when he was only 12 years old. For the length of this career, he had the chance to perform with the genre’s titans Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and many other big names. To date, Bonamassa has created over 30 albums and recently released a solo studio album in 2018. ‘Redemption’ ranked number 1 on the Billboard Blues chart for 16 weeks.

Out of the 30 albums he released 21 of those reached number 1. Bonamassa continuously evolves all on different levels as a solo artist, producing collaborative albums with Beth Hart, and even having side projects with the Rock Candy Funk Party and the Black Country Communion. There seems to be no stopping Bonamassa to continue being a critically acclaimed artist!

The show will explore the blues music genre and Bonamassa will curate his very own favorites by an eclectic mix. Discovering music from the 1920s through the 1980s and how the blues transformed from the early days to its renaissance will be showcased by Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Jimmy Page including Eric Clapton and some modern artists like the Black Keys, the White Stripes and a lot more.

Speaking about modern artists, the show will feature “Keeping the Blues Alive Spotlight,” where the host, Bonamassa, will make a selection of tracks from blues acts to ignite inspiration for new music from the younger generations.

Bonamassa is actively “Keeping the Blues Alive”, which is also the name of the foundation he built, by promoting ‘music education for the next generation’, donating musical instruments to schools funding college scholarships across the country and highly supports grants that will enable music education projects to continue.

Their latest grant is the weekly music program in Pompano Beach, Florida called ‘Music is Your Ali’ where it is free for students to get one-on-one instruction by qualified musicians.

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