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Guitar CDs get you insights and access to lessons from learning how to play your guitar, music news, and dedicated to sparking inspiration to individuals in creating music with a passion. From genres like rock, metal, jazz, and blues, Guitar CDs provide you with a comprehensive guitar publication completely trusted by passionate guitarists and musicians of all ages. We get every style covered just for our viewers. We’re not done! An added plus to what we offer, we give our viewers exclusive content on interviews and techniques from the best guitarists in the world.

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Guitar Gear Essentials

Guitar Gear Essentials and Accessories for a Beginner

If you’re a beginner who has developed an interest in guitar, there are some guitar gear essentials and accessories that you might be interested in. According to DJ Equipped, These aspects will help you in the future as you continue enjoying your instrument. It is also important to choose the right guitar. Many beginners choose to start with an acoustic guitar, but the electric guitar is also a good choice. Nevertheless, the Guitar gear essentials and accessories remain a major consideration in any type of guitar for beginners. There are several main essentials and accessories that must be considered, as highlighted below. Strings A good selection of string can change your experience as a beginner guitarist. It would be best if you shopped for strings that are cheap and easy to fit. The main focus should be on strings that have a great sound and are durable. This will give ...
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Sounding Guitar Headphone Amps

Top 5 Best Sounding Guitar Headphone Amps

Vintage tube amplifiers and large amplifier stacks can be inconvenient and unnecessary to guitarists when they just want to jam alone. The good news is that technology has made an Guitar headphone amp to solve this inconvenience, hence, the existence of guitar headphone amplifiers! What Is a Guitar Headphone Amplifier? Just like the regular amplifiers, guitar headphone amplifiers let you connect the guitar instrument to a device which will amplify your signal and produce a sound. But instead of large inconvenient speakers, guitar headphone amps amplify your guitar’s signal to small built-in speakers or to a pair of headphones. Since these units are small compared to the regular amplifiers, guitar headphone amps are convenient to use at home, plus you’ll be able to avoid complaints from your neighboring home owners, asking you to turn it down. Top 5 Best Guitar Headphone Amps Guitar headphone amps can be a good investment ...
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Talk Is Cheap: Keith Richards Releases Deluxe Reissue

Talk Is Cheap: Keith Richards Releases Deluxe Reissue

Keith Richards made an announcement to reissue the 1988 debut solo album titled Talk is Cheap. Scheduled to be released by March 29, the album will include 6 bonus tracks that you can play in the kitchen in the following formats:
  • Box set
  • CD
  • Digital
  • Vinyl
The box set will have an 80-page book that will have a new interview with the artist, lyric sheets, posters, photos, and a tour guitar pick which is rare memorabilia for fans. This album features the unreleased tracks and all the songs in the album are listed here below:
  • Big Enough
  • How I Wish
  • I Could Have Stood You Up
  • It Means A Lot
  • Locked Away
  • Make No Mistake
  • Rockawhile
  • Struggle
  • Take It So Hard
  • Whip It Up
  • You Don’t Move Me
Bonus Tracks
  • Big Town Playboy
  • Blues Jam
  • Brute Force
  • Mark On Me
  • My Babe
  • Slim
The original ...
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Crafts: Making Your Own Strat With Colored Pencils

Crafts: Making Your Own Strat With Colored Pencils

You can customize your Strat just like how YouTuber Burls Art did it with 1,200 colored pencils and documented the whole process. He prepped up the box with wax and arranged the pencils together in it. Everything was bounded up with epoxy resin. He then carved out the shape for the instrument, the routing, hardware, the electronics for the guitar and pickups. While at it, he sanded it off before painting it to give it a smooth and colorful glaze and feel. Since he used pencils, there were minor touch-ups along the way for the pencils that broke apart while carving it out. To finish it all off, he then sprayed 4 to 5 coats of enamel. This keeps the design and the pencils intact. Now you can start making your own guitar! ...
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Limited Edition Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335: Gibson’s Tribute Piece To The Soundgarden Frontman

Limited Edition Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335: Gibson’s Tribute Piece To The Soundgarden Frontman

There is no better way to launch a tribute piece but honoring it at a concert! Gibson has released its new limited edition guitar, the Gibson Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335. This piece will officially be released at the concert titled “I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell” honoring the late front man’s legacy and contribution to the music industry. The concert will be held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 16. The original ES-335 was innovatively designed with Chris Cornell during its first launch. It was clear that the singer had a keen eye when Gibson partnered up with him for this model. This is a reissue of the original 2013 model but with a mother-of-pearl inlay of Cornell’s signature displayed on the headstock. With that detail, it makes this guitar stand out as one of Gibson’s distinct artist tribute designs to date.  The ES-335 ...
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