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Guitar Brands

Guitar Brands on the Bottom 10

There is a lot to consider like this review when buying a guitar-the body, the type of strings (nylon or steel), the fret size and bars, and the aesthetics. If you are a nitpicky person or a newbie wanting to get only the best, this is the article for you!
Surely, you don’t want to invest money in poorly made guitars. There are several factors that are common in poorly made guitars—the materials used, the body structure, and the vibrations. Apparently, these 10 brands perfected the art of guitar imperfection.

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playing the guitar

Learn playing the guitar in 60 days – A beginner’s guide

There is no required age or gender when playing the battery operated amps or a guitar. Whether you’re a child or an adult, whatever gender you are, it is possible to learn the guitar in 60 days without prior knowledge.
Today, you’re going to learn the basics about playing the guitar, things to consider before buying the instrument, and using battery powered guitar amplifiers to enhance its sound.
Let’s get started!
Buying the right guitar
Of course, you can’t learn the guitar without having the instrument. If you don’t …

Sounding Guitar Headphone Amps

Top 5 Best Sounding Guitar Headphone Amps

Vintage tube amplifiers and large amplifier stacks can be inconvenient and unnecessary to guitarists when they just want to jam alone. The good news is that technology has made an Guitar headphone amp to solve this inconvenience, hence, the existence of guitar headphone amplifiers!
What Is a Guitar Headphone Amplifier?
Just like the regular amplifiers, guitar headphone amplifiers let you connect the guitar instrument to a device which will amplify your signal and produce a sound. But instead of large inconvenient speakers, guitar headphone …

Systems for Acoustics

Best PA Systems for Acoustics

PA systems come in different types depending on which purpose it will be used. Active PA systems like great car speakers are preferably used for large stadium events for its wide sound coverage, while Passive PA systems are recommended for bars, small gatherings, and conferences.
For acoustic events, preferably PA systems to be used should have a greater focus on soft sound, and the echo should be soft and low-reflective as well. It is preferable that it can also work as a Car Sound System; PA systems used indoors are best for reflecting soft sounds in high-quality reflexes. It will give …


A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Buying the Right Turntable

A good old vinyl records collection won’t be complete without a turntable. A turntable is the vinyl disc record player, though they’re not of the same quality and value as ordinary record players still you can get a decent one from Think of it this way: record players are low-end while turntables are high-end.
If you’re an old soul, you’re surely going to love this article. When buying a turntable, there are 3S you might want to consider. They’re as follows:
The first quality you should …

Guitar Players Dress

How Guitar Players Dress

If you are a guitar player, your physical appearance is as important as your performance on stage. Always make sure that your outfits are suitable for your music profile. Exert some time and effort to think and arrange your outfits prior to a performance. Make sure to use best t shirt press for your outfit and aim to look great on stage as it may eventually get a positive response from the audience. People will listen through their ears and, at the same time, fix their eyes on the one playing. Being a professional musician means that you’re not only giving …


Talk Is Cheap: Keith Richards Releases Deluxe Reissue

Keith Richards made an announcement to reissue the 1988 debut solo album titled Talk is Cheap. Scheduled to be released by March 29, the album will include 6 bonus tracks that you can play in the kitchen in the following formats:

Box set

The box set will have an 80-page book that will have a new interview with the artist, lyric sheets, posters, photos, and a tour guitar pick which is rare memorabilia for fans. This album features the unreleased tracks and all the songs in the album are listed here below:

Big Enough
How I Wish…

Different Shades Of Blue’s New Host Is Joe Bonamassa

The new weekly show on Sirius XM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville channel announced its new host, the Grammy-nominated blues artist Joe Bonamassa! The show will feature the artist and new emerging talents as well as the classics and modern blues songs that you love.
Bonamassa, thriving for more than 3 decades in the industry said in a press release
“I am really excited to launch my show on SiriusXM’s B.B. King’s Bluesville. Hosting and sharing music with people is one of my passions. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do, bringing this new show to you,”.
B.B. King himself discovered …