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A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Buying the Right Turntable

A good old vinyl records collection won’t be complete without a turntable. A turntable is the vinyl disc record player, though they’re not of the same quality and value as ordinary record players still you can get a decent one from Think of it this way: record players are low-end while turntables are high-end.
If you’re an old soul, you’re surely going to love this article. When buying a turntable, there are 3S you might want to consider. They’re as follows:
The first quality you should …

Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

Aside from keeping your eyes on the road, there are not many things to do during a trip. Road tripping can help you forget away your struggles, put aside responsibilities, accept the unknown, and just enjoy the ride. If you have Chevy Silverado 1500 then use best cold air intake for Chevy Silverado 1500 for the best experice of your long drive.
One important element on your road trip should be the music genre you should be playing while driving. A cool, great playlist should not only amuse you, but it should also let you keep your attention and focus.

Other Hobbies Musicians Can Do

A lot of people have these so-called hobbies that they do outside their regular job or career. Global Marine Renew Able Says that these hobbies are necessary as a stress reliever and will give a lot of people the much-needed break from their day job. For aspiring or veteran musicians, the situation is also the same. Famous rock stars and singers such as Eric Clapton and Kerry King have all their hobbies aside from making music and entertaining people.
Are there any hobbies that musicians can pursue that will help their musical career? The lists below are …

Anime Bands That Fans Love

Best Anime Bands That Fans Love

Throughout the years, the popularity of anime has created several films and series that fans have followed and loved since the beginning. It has also created several characters that have been engraved consciously to the minds and hearts of millions of anime fans. Recently on 123MoviesHub, several anime shows have focused their attention on making storylines that are connected with music. These shows have also started incorporating fictional bands to the scene along with the best soundtracks, creating a new genre of anime shows that fans have all accepted and loved.
In this article, we list the…

Music Industry

Latest Trends in The Music Industry

This revolution in the music industry has made space for futuristic technology such as AR and VR to more simple applications such as nhạc tik tok. The music industry is something that has been thriving profitably for several decades.
With a proven sales method already in place, artists and labels still try something new every year in order to benefit the music industry in any way possible.
Not only do these technological innovations increase sales, but they also help in engaging various new customers through different platforms. An …

Guitar Blog

How to Make a Guitar Blog?

In an age where all can be accessed through the internet, music should also be shared. Music fuels the soul, and one of the best ways to make music is through the use of a guitar. If you’re a guitarist, there is no better way to make your music known to the world than making a guitar blog. So, if you’re just starting, here are 9 tips on how to make a guitar blog. It includes how you can host your blog with and start your online journey.

Make it sincere. Starting a guitar blog with the intent to share music to the world is good. But, to …

Shows On TV

Most Popular Music Shows On TV

Music has been an integral part of our life and in this modern world, it has been everywhere. Whether it is on the radio, in movies, on worldfree4u, on a crowd-packed street, or when we watch TV online, we can hear music everywhere. However, before reality music programs such as American Idol came to light, music shows have been limited.
Now, TV series centered around musicians and their lives are a constant find on most channels. A huge contributor to the presence of music shows is thanks to the massive TV series Glee. Currently, shows that depict the trials of being a musician and making a …

Guitar Players Dress

How Guitar Players Dress

If you are a guitar player, your physical appearance is as important as your performance on stage. Always make sure that your outfits are suitable for your music profile. Exert some time and effort to think and arrange your outfits prior to a performance. Make sure to use best t shirt press for your outfit and aim to look great on stage as it may eventually get a positive response from the audience. People will listen through their ears and, at the same time, fix their eyes on the one playing. Being a professional musician means that you’re not only giving …

Musical Kratom Experience

Exploring The Musical Kratom Experience

You may not have heard what kratom is, but it is a tree that has leaves used for medicine and recreational drugs. Kratom has a scientific name which is mitragyna speciosa. Some people use kratom to treat their anxiety, depression, chronic colds, and cough. If you need more info about kratom, keep reading.
However, kratom is mostly used for its recreational effects. It can give you a lot of energy and adrenaline when taken at lower doses, and it can be tranquilizing or relaxing when taken at higher doses. With that, listening to music has a part to play when …

How You Can Use Kratom to Enhance Your Productivity

Kratom is a popular Southeast Asian plant that has numerous health benefits. Due to this, most people are now ditching their cup of coffee for kratom strains. Because many blogs including this blog post confirmed that kratom is believed to enhance energy, increase focus and concentration, boost mood, and help you work hard for long hours.
Furthermore, it is an effective pain reliever and gives feelings of calmness for people suffering from anxiety without the negative side-effects of prescription drugs. In this article, we look at how Kratom can help enhance productivity and …


The Connection Between Music and Drugs

For hundreds of years, musicians have been under the impression that drug use improves their creativity, and, likewise, their listeners have abused substances to make their listening experience more pleasurable. Moreover, the connection between music and drugs is revealed in the lyrics of ballads that were written by individuals who were under the control of substantial amounts of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana as the contents of their ballads reveal. They don’t promote and convince people to buy CBD oil for sale but still people didn’t liked that.
Firstly, LSD inspired the development of …


Talk Is Cheap: Keith Richards Releases Deluxe Reissue

Keith Richards made an announcement to reissue the 1988 debut solo album titled Talk is Cheap. Scheduled to be released by March 29, the album will include 6 bonus tracks that you can play in the kitchen in the following formats:

Box set

The box set will have an 80-page book that will have a new interview with the artist, lyric sheets, posters, photos, and a tour guitar pick which is rare memorabilia for fans. This album was reviewed by …


Limited Edition Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335: Gibson’s Tribute Piece To The Soundgarden Frontman

There is no better way to launch a tribute piece but honoring it at a concert! Gibson has released its new limited edition guitar, the Gibson Chris Cornell Tribute ES-335. This piece will officially be released at the concert titled “I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell” honoring the late front man’s legacy and contribution to the music industry. The concert will be held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 16.

Acoustic: Toneful Attack Plans

The sound completely depends on the guitarist’s hands when it comes to an acoustic instrument. This involves many factors, most especially the attack. Here are some techniques to sharpen your acoustic tones.
The Thumb Strum
Making a warm sound using your thumb never gets old. Even the simplest raking motion gives a toastier sound as you move farther away from the bridge. You can use this for a dynamic effect when expressing sensitive passages or if you want to take advantage of the bright sound of the instrument. For plectrum players, its useful to curl up the fingers and free up the thumb for strumming.

Creating Inspired Heavy Metal Riffs

Every metal song should have an element of an awesome guitar riff. When you crank up the volume, it is usually not the solo that stands out that makes you want to crank that volume up. That’s why we whipped up this metal rhythm guitar guide to give you tips and insights as to how you can produce your own raging riffs.
Think about the ominous melody of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica; Hammet, the band’s guitar player, made use of an inspired moment to create a riff as a foundation to one of the most popular songs in heavy metal. The chugging sound made rise to roiling monsters bringing the sound of terror in the night.