Learn playing the guitar in 60 days – A beginner’s guide

There is no required age or gender when playing the battery operated amps or a guitar. Whether you’re a child or an adult, whatever gender you are, it is possible to learn the guitar in 60 days without prior knowledge.

Today, you’re going to learn the basics about playing the guitar, things to consider before buying the instrument, and using battery powered guitar amplifiers to enhance its sound.

Let’s get started!

Buying the right guitar

Of course, you can’t learn the guitar without having the instrument. If you don’t have a guitar yet and planning to buy one, here are some factors you may consider in choosing the right one for yourself.

Style of the Guitar

There are three types of guitar, namely classical, acoustic, and electric guitars. You may choose one according to your preference.

Left-handed or Right-handed Guitar

It doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed in learning guitar since both types are available in the market. Choose the correct one according to your dominant hand to feel comfortable while learning the instrument.

Conditon of the Guitar

The most important thing is to ensure that you’re buying a guitar in good condition. You wouldn’t want to buy one in bad shape, would you?

Check the guitar’s body, neck, and strings to make sure those aren’t damaged. If you can, try to test the guitar first before buying the instrument.

Holding the guitar properly

In holding the guitar while sitting, you may put the instrument on your legs and hold its neck with your left hand. For left-handed guitars, hold its neck with your right hand instead.

As for standing, you may purchase a guitar strap for support. Hold the body and place your left hand (right hand for left-handed guitars) in the neck of the guitar.

Basic guitar chords

You can’t learn to play the guitar without knowing its chords. As a beginner, you may start by learning the C chord.

How can you play the C chord?

1.) Put your index finger on the first fret, the second string.

2.) Put your middle finger on the second fret, the fourth string.

3.) Put your ring finger on the third fret, the fifth string.

4.) Excluding the sixth string, strum the guitar to play the C chord.

Tuning the guitar

There are times when the guitar can get off-key. In that case, you’ll need to tune the guitar to return its original state.

For beginners, you can tune the guitar using an electric tuner. Just strum and adjust the strings until you get your desired key. You can also download guitar tuning apps on your mobile for free.

Using battery powered guitar amplifiers

If you’re planning to play the guitar for busking someday, you may want to invest in battery powered guitar amplifiers. It helps you to increase and enhance the guitar’s sound, especially when you’re playing outside.

Final Words

Congratulations! You have successfully learned the basics of the guitar. To maintain your learning pace, just keep practicing and you’ll be able to master playing your favorite songs in no time!

Have fun!

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