Top 5 Best Sounding Guitar Headphone Amps

Vintage tube amplifiers and large amplifier stacks can be inconvenient and unnecessary to guitarists when they just want to jam alone. The good news is that technology has made an Guitar headphone amp to solve this inconvenience, hence, the existence of guitar headphone amplifiers!

What Is a Guitar Headphone Amplifier?

Just like the regular amplifiers, guitar headphone amplifiers let you connect the guitar instrument to a device which will amplify your signal and produce a sound. But instead of large inconvenient speakers, guitar headphone amps amplify your guitar’s signal to small built-in speakers or to a pair of headphones.

Since these units are small compared to the regular amplifiers, guitar headphone amps are convenient to use at home, plus you’ll be able to avoid complaints from your neighboring home owners, asking you to turn it down.

Top 5 Best Guitar Headphone Amps

Guitar headphone amps can be a good investment for guitarist not just for its convenience but for other reasons, too. Here are the top 5 guitar headphone amps you might want to check.

  • VOX AP2AC amPlug Guitar Headphone

Established in the 1950s, Vox Amplification continues to this day to be amongst the best and most common brands of guitar amplifiers. With the advancement of music technology, the size of the device reduces in size with it. Vox amPlug 2 series is, of course, no exception and fits into your hand’s palm.

Vox amPlug 2 comes as seven separate portable headphone amplifiers. Vox amPlug 2 in its entirety covers a selection of traditional guitar sounds from Vox’s own AC 30 to Classic Rock, Bass, Clean, Metal, Lead, and Blues (Fender Style). You’ll need to buy every single amPlug to access each of these tones.

  • Line 6 Pocket POD

Nine years after its father’s release, the Pocket POD got released in 2007. The Pocket POD has the OG POD’s massive tone put into a sort of kidney bean that can comfortably fit into your palm.

If you think that the smaller version would mean a lesser number of features, then you’re wrong because the Pocket POD comes powered by the same POD 2.0 processing technology. The Pocket POD includes 32 emulations for the amplifier, 300 presets, 16 emulations for the cab and 16 modules for the effect. That is a lot of tone in a very small easy-to-carry device!

  • Donner Classic Rock Mini Amp

This is composed of 6 bug type amps. There are three rotary controls to these bugs: tone, drive, and volume. Such parameters have an influence on the distortion amount, the sound color and its loudness. Their set of bugs is targeted at the heavier genres compared to the amPlug series which is ‘across the board.’

Like other headphone amplifiers, Donner series has this auxiliary input, which allows you to attach your MP3 player and just jam along to your chosen tunes.

  • Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp

It looks like a toy in a way, but it sure isn’t. The Danelectro N-10 Honeytone is this combo amplifier of 1W mini electric guitar. This combination comes with three knobs plus one input button. This straight-to-the-point design enables one to plug in the guitar jack cable right into the input and dial a great tone up in no time.

For maximum portability the amplifier could be powered by a 9V battery, or it could also be powered for even longer life by a Danelectro DA-1 adapter.

  • Behringer V-AMP 3

Behringer is popular for creating pricier pieces of popular musical equipment in budget-friendly versions.

The V-amp 3 is this virtual guitar amplifier which can double as an interface to the audio. The V-amp 3 also comes fitted with 32 emulations from the amplifier, 15 emulations from the cabinet and 16 classic effects. It is mainly the POD with 1 less cabinet emulation.

To avoid the hassle that regular amplifiers cause you and other people, guitar headphone amplifiers is really a good investment for guitar players. Make sure to choose and get the best unit for you by sincerely listening to the range of guitar headphone amps available in the market today.

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