Other Hobbies Musicians Can Do

A lot of people have these so-called hobbies that they do outside their regular job or career. Global Marine Renew Able Says that these hobbies are necessary as a stress reliever and will give a lot of people the much-needed break from their day job. For aspiring or veteran musicians, the situation is also the same. Famous rock stars and singers such as Eric Clapton and Kerry King have all their hobbies aside from making music and entertaining people.

Are there any hobbies that musicians can pursue that will help their musical career? The lists below are creative and cool hobbies that musicians can do aside from making music and entertaining people.


This particular hobby, if developed well, can be of great help to musicians towards their career. Writing can be a good skill that will help improve a composer’s ability to write good music. A musician who is also a good writer can use the skill to handle business emails and communications related to his career. The skill can also be used in handling press releases and other similar activities that require a well-written and constructed copywriting.

Visual Art

Having this hobby is just natural for musicians to pursue as this belongs to the same creative type of ability. Painting and doing your own visual graphic design can be a good hobby to pursue for musicians as these will help improve their creativity and artistry. A musician draws or paints about something then suddenly become inspired and write a song about the masterpiece.  There are many ways that visual art ability can be used in helping a musician’s career.


This is another hobby that a musician can pursue as this belongs to the same artistic and creative type of skill set. Photography can also be a good way to develop a person’s creativity and confidence, thus helping a musician to improve his craft and his music. The skill can also be used in improving your personal image or the musical group that you are affiliated to.


It may seem odd but kayaking is another hobby that musicians can pursue. This hobby brings several benefits that can help a musician to improve his physical and mental well-being. Kayaking is a great stress reliever that can give a musician a well-deserved break from the pressure of the music industry. Constant paddling and cleaning boats will also give a lot of health benefits such as losing weight, cardiovascular fitness, and building muscles.


There are several well-known musicians that also love to cook. Cooking as a skill and a hobby improves a person’s creativity and confidence, thus helping a musician to improve his craft. Cooking can also bring people together so a musician who is a member of a group or a band can definitely be an asset to his group if he has an excellent cooking skill.


The suggestions above are just some of the hobbies that a musician can definitely pursue. These hobbies can help a musician in developing his creativity and confidence while also improving his music in the long run.

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